Shayne's Unique Marketing And Service Plan

By Shayne Bowen

What  you want:  To sell your home fast and for Top Dollar, and with unsurpassed service!

What we do to accomplish that: We have a truly extensive track record of getting homes sold at the highest possible market price,  while keeping you highly informed, giving you constant feedback, and giving you the best selling experience that you have ever had. Our aim is deliver such high quality service and results that we consistently create "clients-for-life."

Shayne Bowen's Unique Marketing & Service Plan:

  1. Present a highly detailed, written competitive market analysis.

  2. Supply detailed staging brochure.

  3. Exceptional attention assisting the client with staging the property (staging means putting the property's best foot forward cosmetically).

  4. Provide brochure on the proper process for selling a current property, and moving on to a larger of smaller property.

  5. Complete twelve item "1st Week On Market" marketing checklist.

  6. Put lock box on [if client approves].

  7. Create high quality overall content for the Multiple Listing System.

  8. Place property on BAREIS, which exposes property to all Realtors in Marin, Sonoma, and Napa counties.

  9. Highly detailed attention to preparation, editing, and revision of listing remarks in MLS (the single most important marketing activity).

  10. Provide bi-weekly newspaper advertising of the property.

  11. Professionally prepare a property marketing flyer.

  12. Frequent client updates of market analysis.

  13. Seven day per week client consultation for any client questions, concerns or needs.

  14. Install for-sale sign [if client approves]. This generates approx. 20% of all sales nationwide.

  15. Market property to large database of current customers [over 5,000 clients in my client database].

  16. Promote the property to other Realtors through Realtor meetings, office meetings, phone calls, letters, etc.

  17. Give up to the minute updates regarding status of property for buyer's agents.

  18. Answer other agent's questions regarding the property.

  19. Write thank you notes to agents who show the property.

  20. Follow up agents with phone calls who have interested clients.

  21. Provide phone access to Realtors at all times to answer all property questions.

  22. Track weekly showings in order to monitor success of marketing and correctness of pricing.

  23. Make adjustments to marketing plan based on the average number of weekly showings.

  24. Collect Realtor's business cards periodically [if home is vacant].

  25. Provide frequent service update reports for client.

  26. Revise the remarks section in the MLS as necessary.

  27. Hold public open houses if the client desires them [many clients do not want them].

  28. Advertise open house [if client wishes to have public open house].

  29. Provide feedback on agent and public response to the property and its pricing.

  30. Check for new homes for sale in the area, and update the client accordingly.

  31. Respond to all ad and sign calls. If caller has an agent, give the caller the MLS number in order to have their agent show the property. If buyer is qualified and does not have a Realtor, make appointment with buyer to see property.

  32. Call agents who have the shown the property to obtain their feedback on pricing.

  33. Periodically provide information on the changing state of the real estate market, and how it effects the client.

  34. Preview the offer in detail for pertinent details, and prepare a rough draft response before presenting the offer to the client.

  35. Speak with buyer's agent before offer is presented, to verify buyer's financial strength, buyer's time frame, buyer's motivation, buyer's lender, buyer's current loan approval status, buyer's creditworthiness, type of loan, any co-borrowers, and any similar information.

  36. Speak with buyer's agent before offer is presented to determine whether buyer must sell their own home first before buying a property, and whether that property is on the market and/or sold yet. Also check to see what contingencies have been satisfied on the property that the buyer has to sell.

  37. Review the offer, addendums, counter offer, and all other documents with the client in depth, explaining all aspects of these documents.

  38. Answer all questions regarding the offer process and any other seller concerns in this area.

  39. Represent client in all negotiations with the buyer.

  40. Provide professional counsel on counter offer strategies.

  41. Professionally prepare a written response to the buyer's purchase offer.

  42. Write language into the counter offer specifying that the close of the seller's current property is contingent upon the seller closing escrow on a replacement property [if client requests].

  43. Provide advice on any escrow related issues, questions, or concerns.

  44. Provide all necessary state and federally required disclosure forms.

  45. Provide client with general information regarding filling out the various required forms.

  46. Provide information on home warranty programs.

  47. Order city inspection [if required by the city].

  48. Provide seller's disclosure statement, and all other federal, state, and local forms to other agent when we receive a ratified offer on the property.

  49. Write language into the purchase agreement providing that your agent has the right to speak directly with the buyer's loan broker, to investigate the lender's prognosis for buyer's successful loan approval.

  50. Speak with loan broker to investigate the lender's prognosis for buyer's loan approval.

  51. Handle several miscellaneous service tasks, too numerous to mention.

  52. Provide full escrow coordination, with licensed Realtors who assist me with this coordination.

  53. Monitor the release of important contingencies and conditions.

  54. Write letters to buyer's agent to track legally important matters.

  55. Document for the file legally important matters.

  56. Complete a 34-item escrow checklist, to maximize the chances that the escrow will close successfully, and to minimize the changes of any litigation or other problems.

  57. Provide a net proceeds sheet [if seller requests it].

  58. Provide general answers on 1031 exchanges and referrals to qualified entities for facilitation.

  59. Provide an exceptional guarantee, unprecedented in the industry: The client may cancel the listing agreement at any time, for any reason (unless property is already sold)!


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